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Hi! My name is Adan Aranda, I am a Mortgage Planner with Referral Mortgages, winner of 

Excellence Awardee for "New Brokerage of the Year" by the Canadian Mortgage Awards 2022 Canadian Mortgage Awards. Under the umbrella of RF, we deal with all the Financial Institutions to provide more financing options for our clients.

In December 2014 I migrated with my family from México. Since then I work back and forth and online for the law firm that I created more than 20 years ago in Cancun, . In my law practice in Mexico, I am a Real Estate Lawyer, Foreign Investment and Corporate Compliance, which has allowed me to build a bridge of services between Canada and Mexico for expats and investors. 
My experience as a Lawyer has added to be a better mortgage broker every day here in Canada. My Commitment is to provide you with the right support and tools to achieve your goal of getting the best mortgage loan that meets your needs.
Mortgage business goes further beyond lucrative results, it helps to materialize individual and family goals, both financial and quality of life. I am proud and honored to provide a personalized mortgage solutions and financial services to support those goals and make them a reality.

Winter Homes or Investment in Mexico

​Financing your winter property in Mexico? 

I can help you with refinancing your property in Canada or finding a loan in Mexico to purchase the winter home thal will improve your lifestyle. I will help you in Mexico to look for a properties and give you the legal advice to invest and meet the legal requirements rigth there. To achieve and find your best investment, I work with my Law Office in Mexico and a Mexican Real Estate Company linked in my Services Portfolio.


Adan Aranda


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