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First Time Home Buyers Can Buy With Confidence


Buying your first home should be like a dream come true and not a nightmare of trying to wade through the complexities of negotiating your first-time homebuyer’s mortgage. Since your professional team of agents work for you and not a financial institution, you can count on us to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decisions for your first mortgage.

First Time Home Buyers Get The Best Possible Rates

Each mortgage application is different and we will help you figure out the numbers so you can stay focused on shopping for properties within your approved price range. You and your real estate agent will know exactly how much you can comfortably afford along with the assurance of a locked-in rate - all at no cost to you.

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First Time Homebuyer RRSP Program

  • Savings must have been in the RRSP's for at least 90 days prior to withdrawal

  • If not prepaid in the given year then CRA will add 1/15th of the amount due to be paid back to your gross income for that given year

  • Withdraw up to $25,000 per applicant from their RRSP's tax-free

  • 15 years repayment period for the amount withdrawn. This payback period won't count as a 2nd contribution to the RRSP and therefore will not reduce their income for a second time

"Plan B"

Rent-to-Own Program


If "Plan A" dosn't work, then "Plan B" may be the good one.

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