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Investment Property Mortgages That Work For You

Investment property mortgages differ greatly than a mortgage for your primary residence and it can be difficult to understand the details. For example, the lending criteria is different for owner-occupied buildings than it is for straight rentals.

There is also a difference in the type of mortgage to apply for depending on the size of the building being purchased. We will cut through the complexities and help you find the best investment property mortgages for your financial position that works for you.


Different Investment Strategies
Which is yours?

Differet Investment Strategies in Canada

What To Expect When You Mortgage An Investment Property


Buildings with four units or less typically qualify for residential mortgages while those with more than four units fall under the classification of commercial property mortgages.

In most cases, you can expect to pay a higher rate of interest when you mortgage an investment property than you would on your primary residence. Your down payment requirement may also be higher if you are investing in a commercial building and do not plan to occupy a unit.

Professional & Personalized Advice 


When you work with your personal mortgage agent from Referral Mortgages, we collect the information required to process your file on an individual basis. From there, we find options for your mortgage that will best suit your needs.


See how easy it is to secure the best investment property mortgages for your situation by contacting your personal mortgage agent today.


Start your application online and let’s get your money working for you!

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