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Want choice? Don't use bank, use broker!

One of the greatest advantages of using a mortgage broker is getting access to over 50 lenders. A bank will only offer you access to their products, while a mortgage broker can offer you more choices through multiple lenders. With this vast product selection, brokers help homebuyers and owners get the best mortgage for their needs.

What is the best mortgage?

  1. The right rate

  2. The right mortgage privilege

When selecting the right lender your broker will consider:

  • Term

  • Rate - variable vs. fixed

  • Payment flexibility

  • Pre-payment privileges

  • Restrictions, fees and penalties

  • Mortgage portability or assumability

  • Qualifying with no income verification (self-employed)

Focusing on a rock-bottom rate can mean higher fees and penalties with more restrictive terms when you want to move, refinance or use your mortgage for a debt consolidation. A mortgage broker will give you a sound evaluation of product choices and together will help you decide what option suits your need.


More Choice = More Opportunity

We believe it makes good sense to be able to choose from over 50 of Canada’s leading lenders for competitive mortgage rates and service. These lenders include major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders, which compete for your business. We believe that the better the mortgage choices, the better the rates and features you’ll get – all at no cost to you (O.A.C.). Now that’s a reason to smile!

  • ATB Financial (AB)

  • Alterna Savings (ON)

  • B2B Bank

  • Blueprint Mortgage

  • Bridgewater Bank

  • Canadiana Financial

  • Capital Direct

  • Coast Capital Savings Credit Union (BC)

  • Effort Trust (ON)

  • Envision Credit Union (BC)

  • Equitable Trust

  • Equity Financial Trust (ON)

  • First National Financial

  • Fisgard (AB, BC)

  • HomeEquity Bank

  • Home Trust

  • IC Savings (ON)

  • ICICI Bank

  • Island Savings (BC)

  • Laurentian Bank

  • MCAP

  • Meridian Credit Union

  • Merix Financial

  • Optimum Mortgage

  • Peoples Trust

  • Radius Financial

  • Scotiabank

  • Servus Credit Union (AB)

  • Street Capital

  • TD Canada Trust

  • Vancity (BC)

  • Westminister Savings (BC)


WhatsApp or Message: 647.7042209

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